Keynote Speaker


Ms Puteri Anis Aneeza binti Zakaria

Senior Technical Manager, Statworks Group
Title: Leveraging XLSTAT for Data Science: A Comprehensive Overview and Practical Applications

XLSTAT, a statistical analysis software seamlessly integrated into Microsoft Excel, has gained popularity for its accessibility and user-friendly interface. XLSTAT serves as a valuable bridge between traditional statistical analyses and the expansive field of data science. The key applications of XLSTAT in data science include descriptive statistics, data visualization, hypothesis testing, regression analysis, multivariate analysis, and time series analysis. The software's capabilities in these domains enable users to gain insights into data patterns, relationships, and trends. Its integration with Excel and a rich set of statistical tools makes it accessible to a wide range of users, particularly those accustomed to Excel's interface.

This presentation provides an overview of how XLSTAT can be a valuable tool in data science and offers a range of statistical and analytical functionalities that cater to users who prefer a familiar Excel environment.


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