Keynote Speaker


Dr. Esther Loo

Malaysia Airlines Bhd. & Adjunct Professor, UNITAR International University, Malaysia
Title: Network Analysis Modeling for Efficient relationship measurement in organizations

Organizational relationships can be measured more precisely using models based on network analysis. Using a variety of statistical models, the presentation explores how closely connected individuals are to one another.

To establish the success of a relationship between elements, the complications of quantifying this relationship necessitate the exploration of complicated models in hyperdimensional modes such as the Euclidean space and the Voronoi diagram. The research objective is to increase the accuracy with which one can estimate the ideal dynamics of a team in relation to a particular goal.

The presentation's primary focus will be an introduction to the significance of Organizational Network Analysis (ONA) in understanding relationships, its advantages, and the potential it may bring to people transformation initiatives.


Dr. Esther Loo has spent the last decade promoting Malaysia's transition to the digital era, with a particular emphasis on the role that talent plays in this transition.

Humanizing technology and People Analytics are two topics she is quite passionate in.

Her background includes experiences as a Principal Data Engineer for an MNC as well as a government agency, in addition to work on a wide range of digital transformation initiatives, working groups, policies, and standards organized or participated in by the latter. As a former member of the Malaysian Digital Economy Corporation's Technical Steering Committee and the Malaysian Ministry of Multimedia and Communication's Technical and Influencers Committee, she is familiar with the needs for developing digital talent in the country. She also works as an Adjunct Professor at UNITAR, where she helps prepare students for the workforce of the future.

At Malaysia Airlines Berhad, Dr. Esther is the Head of Organization Design and Effectiveness, where she oversees the company's Human Capital Digital Transformation plan and a wide range of micro-digitization activities, such as people analytics.